The Frishkoff Lab seeks to understand how human impacts on the environment are recasting ecological and evolutionary patterns forged over millennia. Core research foci include:

(1) elucidating why some species prosper while others fail when confronted with anthropogenic change through biogeographic, eco-physiological, and community approaches,

(2) determining how human impacts are pruning the phylogenetic tree of life, and whether past macro-evolutionary trajectories inform current and future tolerance to anthropogenic change,

(3) developing statistical methods that account for omnipresent biases in observational data, to better test eco-evolutionary hypotheses.



August 2020:

We’re excited to welcome Zack Lange and Edita Folfas to the lab as incoming PhD students.

June 2020: Socially Distanced Fieldwork

Our fieldwork in Texas has us questing to understand the ecological forces that determine lizard range limits and local abundances.


April 2020:

Congrats to Alex Murray for passing his qualifying exams, and moving up to PhD Candidacy.