Principal Investigator

Luke Frishkoff




My research focuses on how species and communities respond to anthropogenic change, and understanding how evolution in deep time pre-adapts lineages to novel stressors.




Doctoral Students

Kristopher Row


I am interested in the selective pressures of urban environments and how they drive adaptation. I am currently working with Anolis carolinensis populations in Texas to determine the morphological variation between urban populations and natural populations.


Alexander Murray



I am interested in understanding what shapes communities from an ecological and evolutionary perspective. I aim to understand patterns of biodiversity; what processes drive diversification, species interactions, and species richness.  I want to better understand why some species are more susceptible to habitat modification than others, and how we can predict which are most susceptible. Hopefully combining my interests, I can get at the question of what communities will look like in the future.



Undergraduate Researchers

Ivory Lowe


My interests include wildlife biology, herpetology, and entomology. I am eager to learn more about environmental ecology, and I aim to eventually participate in proteomics research.